Why you should be a better student...

I’m not that old but when I was at school…

·       I would dream of having pen friends from abroad and when I finally made some, we would often wait for a month or more to have our letters delivered to each other.
      Nowadays you can make hundreds of friends from all over the world, even with your teachers, in no time.

·       I would spend hours in the library searching for books and keep reading the whole book just to find the information I needed.
      Nowadays you can type the exact words in the search box to get access to thousands of results.

·        I would usually sit up all the night to copy the research due the following day.
       No more finger sores, I bet you are a quick typist after having made hundreds of friends, on top of it you have an instant spelling corrector!

·       I would keep practising different handwritings for a better presentation of my research.
      Choose one of the thousands of fonts without making an effort.

·      Sometimes I would tear off a page in my notebook just because I didn’t have a corrector pen or they were not allowed.
      Select from numerous variants of correctors  just to keep your handwriting clean and neat.

·      Most of our teachers were aloof and inaccessible and the assignments were often fulfilled without any of their help or guidance.
      Now you can turn to your teacher any time of a day just writing to her mail or contacting him/her via Messenger.

·       I would keep turning and turning the pages of my dictionary book exploring the new words in English.
      No more dog-eared books, you’ll again save lots of your time just typing the necessary word in your electronic dictionary.

·       And above all, most of our lessons were dull, lacking didactic resources and materials: flashcards, worksheets, activities, creativity and songs.
      Just visit www.eslprintables.com and check out the amazing resources made by the teachers all over the world for their students!

Now, can you see why you should be a better student than I was…? 
Save time studying and spend more time creating and making the world better!
Make a difference! 
Mrs. Lusine

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Areti said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this text, Lucia! You are so right! Things are completely different nowadays...
BTW, congrats on your blog! It's great! And your worksheets, too!

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