Have just  started making WORD FAMILY worksheets.
Once I learned the rumours that I would teach ESL 3 times a day instead of twice I realized that I could finally use the many ideas and worksheets I haven't been able to because of the lack of time.
I am really determined to introduce WORD FAMILIES next year.
It can be done first orally with the help of flashcards,later the students can work on these worksheets and at the end they will have a dictation or a quiz.

Here is the first set -at,-ad,-am.Worked hard to find 8 words for each family so some words are really challenging.

Download the PDF file below including the key


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Here's the second part of my END OF YEAR awards.I used these ones last year but decided to change the fonts a little to give a fresher look (I get tired of the same thing very quickly:)

Download the PDF file below 

N.B. In case you would like to use these awards for the coming years I have left the last digits of the years blank in the PDF file.
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I use this worksheet as an extra activity when teaching JOBS and PROFESSIONS.It's easy for the students to match the pictures with their names no matter if they are familiar with the words here or not as the pictures are ordered alphabetically and there is one JOB name with every letter of the alphabet.

Download the PDF file below
Jobs/Professions in Alphabetical Order
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At last I'm done and satisfied with my END OF YEAR AWARDS that I made for my first,second,third graders.
I award my students daily and record it on a special list for awards.At the end of the month I count the number of awards and choose the Star of the Month,find my STAR OF THE MONTH printables here.
At the end of the year I count the daily awards and choose 3 students with the maximum number of awards who will get the below certifiates + a small present(I always try to choose an illustrated story book or fun activities book).

The borders are from Carson Dellosa Publishing company

Download the PDF file below
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What Worked and What Didn't Work with my Grade 6

I was long thinking of posting about my first year with Grade 6 along with my elementary classes and when I saw that Amber from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher is hosting a Linky Party-Another One Bites the Dust- I knew I was sure to join in.

The year with my Grade 6 was full of experiments and disappointments and also some positive memories.To tell the truth,it was me who asked to be given a middle school class as the principal would keep suggesting giving higher grades and I would refuse.So when a colleague decided to resign I asked for it.


We did 
Famous Person Description guessing game (find it here),
Mother's Day Project (find it here)
Valentine's Day Project (they were supposed to make a Valentine's card and write the lyrics of their famous love song or a love poem).Here there are some photos.

I would assign the homework 5 minutes before the bell and would tell them they had time to do it in class.Many of them would have finished it by the time the bell rang thus not nagging about the homework no matter how big it would be.

I used to be very tense with them at the beginning of the year and took every misbehaviour incident personally but once I started using some humour in class and be cool,things changed to the better.I was less stressed and my students would communicate with me more.

One of my sweet students created a Group of his class on Facebook and I was a member in it.So it was another way of communication.Like after the dictation I would post on the wall "GOOD JOB GRADE 6,I'M VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS" and they would keep asking their grades...or I would post a quote,etc.It was fun...

Once in a while I would surprize them with an unassigned quiz and would tell them that they were told to study,so this was a way to check who had studied and who hadn't.


I kept thinking all the summer how I was going to treat them,how to encourage or how to punish and would not come to effective classroom management.The result was I started the year with unclear expectations and classroom management and had to create them in the run.
I would not want to treat them like kids so I was always hesitant to act and as a result I had lots of incessant talking in class and some discipline problems.

Spending only 2 hours per week in that building I was out of their everyday events and unaware of some important class news.

I also kept wondering if I needed to encourage them and award them and how.I was thinking of giving FUN END OF YEAR awards but I am still dubious about it.Would you do that if you were in my place?

Summing up I found out that I am not a middle school kinda teacher and I like my kiddos more who would tell less lies and who would admire their teacher and be more enthusiastic about school.

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TO-DO LIST (printable)

One of my most important resolutions this summer is Organization so the first step I did was to make a weekly To-Do List printable.

It includes 4 sections

1.School To-Do List -here I jot down important deadlines,exam submission dates and other reminders.

2.Shopping List-personal or school items that I need to purchase(it's not for grocery list)

3.Blogging To-Do List-what I'd like to post about and the Linky Parties I'd like to join.

4. Ideas List-Pinterest inspired or just the ideas I'd like to do,the worksheets or crafts I'd like to make.

Download the free PDF file below

TO DO LIST (printable)
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Haidar from http://www.miss-kindergarten.com/ ,
Teri from http://acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com and 
April from http://www.amodernteacher.com/
are throwing a Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I had already planned to post my Summer Resolutions printable on the first of June but this Linky Party changed my plans.

So here I share with my top 10 Summer Resolutions concerning both my family and teaching!

1.If you have read my profile you might know that I speak Spanish and am in love with the Spanish culture so I'm super excited about my summer trip to Barcelona where my sister lives.

2.I am terribly afraid of heights and my husband has been trying to persuade me for years to take a cable car that takes you to the most sacred place in Beirut,to Harissa,so I have decided to surprise him this summer:)

3.Have started potty training my son together with the nursery though not yet very successful.Have to do this by the end of summer as he will start attending kindergarten from October.

4. I used to keep a diary jotting down the most interesting and memorable events and have so much fun reading it now.So this summer I want to go back to it.

5. My husband calls my laptop a labyrinth and claims one will never be able to find anything there.I am really determined to make all my folders and files super organized this summer.

6.What about my teaching files and papers it's a real challenge as I've been procrastinating for 2 years.This summer I am going to make this happen too!

7.I'm so much into blogging that can't do with only one blog.Have found a great free template and have some great ideas to put into my second blog.

8. I have already started this and have lost lots of weight in just 3 weeks.The secret is so simple:I started JUMPING A ROPE and cut down on some food ,especially bread and tried not to eat in the evenings.

9.I have been planning to make and publish a "Summer Activities"book for my students to have fun with during the summer vacations for 2 years.Have already got enough material to make it happen too!

10.I hate making a year lesson plan,just can't keep up to it and used to think that it's useless to do it.But I am starting to think that it can make my teaching much easier that's why I am going to do it.

I hope you kept reading and made it till the end to my longest ever post:)

And here's time for the free Summer Resolutions printable.

Fill it in with your Summer Resolutions and hang up at a visible place!:)

Download the PDF file below


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MOTHER'S DAY (acrostic poems)

Here's what I did with my sixth graders 
I assigned them to write an acrostic poem with the word MOTHER and make a card.Not to scare them much I told them they were allowed to use  adjectives or words describing their mothers.

(excuse the mistakes,please:)

I loved how colorful the cards were and how much care they put making the cards special for 
the most  special person of their life.

The only problem was that some of them surfed the net and just copied the acrostic poems available there.To avoid that next year I will assign them to use their mother's name when writing the poem.

Here are some other cute examples 

Only the sweetest person on earth
The only person
Helping me to smile
Even when she is mad
Rana will love her forever!
(by Rana)

Moments that you spend with me,
Oh!Everything that you do for me.
Thank you for your love to me.
I Hope that I can repay you.
Even if I seem to always hurt you.
Read in my heart these words for you...
(by Elie-Francois)

Music that you sing to me
Oh!She's so beautiful!
The time that you spend with me
Her smile is great.
Everything that you do to me.
Read the stories for me.
(by Caline)

My hero is you,Mom.
Oh!Mom I love you so much.
Thank you for all the work you do for me.
Have to work all day cleaning.
Easy to make you happy.
Really sweet and kind.
(by Maria)

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EARTH DAY (printable)

Earth Day is not celebrated here but during annual meetings when we are asked which holidays we want to choose to be celebrated at school with our students I remember our Science teacher suggesting Earth Day a few times and no one making a big deal out of it:)
I guess next year I'm going to support her, especially with my sixth graders it will be great.

I know I am a little late,but I wanted to make an Earth Day printable for a long time and here what I came to at the end.

Below are my 10 promises to help the Earth
(especially when I am a terrible paper saver!:)

And here you can grab a template to be filled in 

You can download all the pack below 
10 Ways I Can Help the Earth
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This is another fun Back to School activity sheet to revise the classroom objects.
The students are supposed to match the words with the correct pictures,  find them in the maze and color.BACK TO SCHOOL(worksheet)

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A Back to School crossword I am planning to use on the first day of school with my second graders.It's a great way of revising classroom vocabulary in a fun way and helps them know what each classroom object is used for.
The students are supposed to continue the sentence,fill in the crossword and match the word with the correct picture.


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