Digraphs (e.g. sh-ch-th-wh-ph) are a combination of two or more letters that make a single sound.Teaching digraphs is a great tool for helping students read fluently without wasting time at recognizing the letter combination.

This is the second part of digraph worksheets that I am planning to use next year(find Part 1 here).

Currently I am having a hard time especially with wh questions as my students would always omit h even when they are copying so I am sure that this is going to be a lot of help for them.

First, the dagraphs are introduced and practised orally with the help of the above posters, then the students are given the worksheets below for further written practice and consolidation.

Digraphs WH, PH (Worksheet) Digraphs WH,PH (Practice Exercises)
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What a terrific freebie! I will be using this with my summer school sweeties!
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