If you read  my ABOUT ME page,you might know that I am obsessed with F.O.N.T.S.
I love creating cute printables using cute graphics and fonts (e.g. MY FAVOURITE QUOTES).It might take me 10 minutes to create a worksheet but half an hour to choose the font out of the tons of fonts I have:)

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits is hosting a Linky Party

My Favourite Fonts are numerous so at this post I will only focus on the ones I've been currently using in my blog and on my worksheets

1. Carribean's Treasure- I used this on my Blog Button

2. Baroque Script - I always use it as my signature on my handouts

3. Respective - I used it as my blog's Signature

4. Escolar2, Cursif, Lilly I use these to make my students practice good handwriting

5. My Font isnt funky enough
Sue Ellen Francisco
Doctor Soos Bold
Designer Notes
are my current favourite handout fonts.

6. Sail and Pacifico
are ideal for awards

But ... my current most favourite one is

It's so recent that I didn't manage to make any worksheet or printable using it:)


Thanks to some of the bloggers I have recently discovered 
which will from now and on help me save time when trying to choose the font.
Just type your word or the sentence and get a visual display with all the fonts 
available in your computer.
Have a look at mine here

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Jessica Stanford said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these fonts!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
PS If you haven't already joined my giveaway I would love to have you join!

Natalie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Caribbean's will be mine!!!

Thanks so much for linking up!


Lucia13 said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nataliehehe,take the font,not the treasure!:)

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