I want to share with a BACK TO SCHOOL Icebreaker activity I did with my middle school students on the First Day of School and it was fun and successful.It's a great GET TO KNOW YOU activity and helps the teacher learn about the students' level of English and get to know them. It's called GUESS WHO I AM.

This is how it works 

-start brainstorming words that are used to describe someone's appearance.You can bring a famous character for an example and have the students describe how he/she looks like. 

 -write the key words on the board or distribute the handout with the basic expressions. 

 -distribute the circle papers with GUESS WHO I AM label and ask them to describe them at the back of the paper without writing their name.

 -once they are done,collect the papers and read the writings. Have the students guess who each writing belongs too. 

Download the printable below

As an extension activity,correct the writings and have the students rewrite their self descriptions on the first page of thier copybooks.

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Ms. M  from Tales from a Kindergarten & First Grade ELL Teacher is hosting a very interesting Linky Party asking us the teachers( and not only) to share 4 things we're going to try for the first time in our class for the coming school year.

With so many ideas and inspiration coming from all the blogs I follow and from Pinterest I used to suffer for not being able to implement most of them in my lessons for 2 reasons

-the big number of students in class, ranging from 34-40
-teaching ESL only twice a week

1-So one of the biggest problems will be solved for the coming year.I am going to teach ESL 3 times a week.Can you imagine how many changes it implies?

-It means I will have time and make activities for all the holidays and implement all the ideas I have gathered for 4 years.
-It means I am going to finish the book instead of getting just to the half of it.
-It means my first graders are going to have copybooks besides workbooks.

2-The textbooks I have been teaching with have undergone some good changes I used to kind of complain about.They became more fun and engaging(phonics chants,more reading) and I am very excited to try them the coming year.

3-On the first day I am going to try an About Me activity with my 3rd graders which I am also going to repeat on the last day of school thus making it as part of an End of Year souvenir.

 4- And at last I am determined and ready to start the Birthday Routine I have been thinking of for a long time, something simple but yet memorable to make my students' birthdays much more special.
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Summer (Rhyming Words)

This is a fun worksheet that can be done with your kids or students during summer vacations.Depending if you want it to make it more or less challenging you can keep or cut the key words below. 

Here are the instructions the sentence and guess the rhyming word
 2.find the correct picture below and match 
 3.write the word SUMMER (Rhyming Words)
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