Ms. M  from Tales from a Kindergarten & First Grade ELL Teacher is hosting a very interesting Linky Party asking us the teachers( and not only) to share 4 things we're going to try for the first time in our class for the coming school year.

With so many ideas and inspiration coming from all the blogs I follow and from Pinterest I used to suffer for not being able to implement most of them in my lessons for 2 reasons

-the big number of students in class, ranging from 34-40
-teaching ESL only twice a week

1-So one of the biggest problems will be solved for the coming year.I am going to teach ESL 3 times a week.Can you imagine how many changes it implies?

-It means I will have time and make activities for all the holidays and implement all the ideas I have gathered for 4 years.
-It means I am going to finish the book instead of getting just to the half of it.
-It means my first graders are going to have copybooks besides workbooks.

2-The textbooks I have been teaching with have undergone some good changes I used to kind of complain about.They became more fun and engaging(phonics chants,more reading) and I am very excited to try them the coming year.

3-On the first day I am going to try an About Me activity with my 3rd graders which I am also going to repeat on the last day of school thus making it as part of an End of Year souvenir.

 4- And at last I am determined and ready to start the Birthday Routine I have been thinking of for a long time, something simple but yet memorable to make my students' birthdays much more special.
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