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This is an activity I have been doing with my second and third graders for a couple of years and they always participate enthusiastically.
It is a fun way of reviewing the basic expressions and vocabulary through speaking cards.
It is essential for the teacher to include only the material previously learnt to avoid embarrassment and to provide the positive attitude.
If you didn't teach that class in the previous year you could simply have a look at their book as the main principal of this activity is the revision of the basic material after the summer vacations.


- prepare speaking cards that include questions,instructions and commands to act

- print them on colored paper and cut them

- hold the cards in your hands and call out one student from each team (each row)

- each student chooses one card and first reads it silently thinking about the answer

- after that the student reads the card aloud and gives the answer either by saying or miming or drawing depending on the task.

This could be done either as a competition when the team earns a point for each correct answer or just as an activity.
I used to hold lots of team competitions but sometimes they can lead to tears e.g. if anyone fails to know the answer so am trying to hold competitions on special occasions.

You can download the Speaking Cards below
First Day Speaking Cards

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