CALENDARS 2012-2013 (October, November, December)

Every beginning of the year I spend on teaching the days of the week,the months and saying the date. 
Each month I display a calendar on the board.

Here's how I use them...

1. I color the calendar and highlight the days when they have English.(later I choose 2 students to be responsible for that)

2. I write down the students' names whose birthdays are in that month.

3. Then once a week I select a student to be responsible for DATE AND WEATHER and write down that student's name on the right side of the calendar.
The selected student is supposed to write the date on the board every day at the beginning of the lesson having a look at the calendar and write & draw the weather of the day.

You can download the PDF file here
CALENDAR 2012-2013 (October, November, December)

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Shawna said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the calendars, thank for sharing them on Manic Monday. I love finding new blogs and thanks to Manic Monday you are my newest find :) Looking forward to seeing more great posts!!
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Amanda Hagaman said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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