Summer is over and I am back from my wonderful trip to BARCELONA,sigh...

With only 1 week left for school and after lots of procrastination I finally started getting some work done and the first thing was to start with my fall resolutions.
Why wait for the New Year to make resolutions when you can make them 4 times a year,each season,heh?:)
Honestly speaking,I only implemented half of my SUMMER RESOLUTIONS, but they were the most important ones so I am more determined to implement My Fall Resolutions as I will be more in the Work Mood instead of the Vacation Mood.

So here they are...

1. Spain fascinated me not only with its magnificent architecture but also with its healthy lifestyle,and this inspired me to want to start riding a bike,at least trying it:)
It's so easy,just have a look:)

2. Though I'm quite content with my current weight but would like to throw 2 more kilos which seems much harder than the 4 ones behind,here's another reason to start riding a bike:)

3. I am usually too lazy and sleepy at the weekends to go out but an experience last weekend made me promise myself to spend more active weekends and I really have a strong desire to do that.

4. It's a shame that I haven't been able to read books recently so I am going to work hard to find time for reading books.

5. My Summer Resolution to create a blog is still incomplete so hopefully I will do it in this fall especially when I already have in mind what it might be about.

6. I L.O.V.E Spanish and don't want to forget it so I am going to try to find a job concerning Spanish and not to forget it (BTW the blog I was thinking to create might concern Spanish too)

7. I did organize my Teacher Files in the summer but I am desperately in need of a comfortable teacher's zone in the house somewhere out of the reach of my baby,the balcony is on target.

8. I wanna make at home some of the cute decorations I have seen on Pinterest and some seasonal crafts with my son at home.

9. It would be so fun to keep a daily diary,taking notes of significant events and capturing the good things in life with my precious camera.

10.I have made some steps towards ORGANIZATION but need to be more stable and go on keeping things organized,at home and at school.

Now feel free to download MY FALL RESOLUTIONS printable,fill it in and hang up at a visible place

Download the PDF file below

My Fall Resolutions (printable) 

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