12 in '12 (Linky Party)

Hadar from Miss Kindergarten and Kristen from
A Teeny Tiny Teacher are throwing a second annual 
Linky Party.

All you have to do is think back at your favorites in 2012, add a few pictures and create a blog post sharing your favorite 12 things in 2012.What a fun way to remember the year,right? 

My 12 in '12

12. Favorite movie you watched:

''Skyfall'' was the first James Bond movie I ever watched and just loved it.
I loved the actor and loved the soundtrack too. It made me watch the previous 007 Agent film, "Casino Royale", too.

11. Favorite TV series:

I prefer more TV shows, and this year I discovered "The Voice" and just enjoy watching "The Voice" of different countries.
10. Favorite restaurant:
I don't go out much and don't have a favourite restaurant.
 I have a sweet tooth so I always prefer going to Cinnabon,Yogorino or Starbucks.

9. Favorite new thing you tried:

I started creating some simple clipart playing with the shapes.
I shared them on my Facebook fan page.


8. Favorite gift you got:

Thanks to my husband and God I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for the first time.

It was the gift I had been dreaming of for 10 years.

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

Lots of them.Everything I pin is because I just love it.
Just have a look at my Pinterest Boards

6. Favorite blog post:

Really hard to choose but I loved my
Word Families wheels

 and My Seasonal Resolutions

5. Best accomplishment:

My Facebook Fan page and its followers.

4. Favorite picture:

I am mastering photography so have had a lot of cute photos recently.But I will choose the best family pic we've had since the birth of our son:)

3. Favorite memory:

 I don't wanna make you bored but IT IS my trip to Barcelona

2. Goal for 2013:

Try to accomplish some of my resolutions and keep doing what I love to do.

1. One Little Word:

Choose one word that you will focus on in 2013.
My word is "patience". I do need it both as a mother and as a teacher!

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