My Spring Resolutions (linky + printable)

Spring Break officially started for me yesterday with cleaning and decorating the living room.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might know that I set seasonal resolutions and turn them into a printable.So this time my resolutions are not only because spring has sprung but also because I'm enjoying my Spring break so no reason to procrastinate:)

Brigid at Brigid's Daily Lesson Log is hosting a "Spring Break Bucket List Linky" so I decided to join the fun going on there and share my Spring Resolutions with my Blogger Colleagues.

So here's the list of my Spring Resolutions that I tried to make more achievable this time:)

You can have the template for free as a JPG file in case you are interested in filling in your own list.The flower graphics used in the printable are from

I'm also linking up with Traci from The Bender Bunch

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Jean Robinson said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE your printable. I love that you make seasonal to do lists too. :) I LOVE making lists. Those are way cuter than my notebook filled with my chicken scratching. :)
Diving Into 2nd Grade

Lucia13 said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jean RobinsonHey Jean,thanks for the sweet comment,happy to hear that you loved it and nice to meet you.

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