PHONICS - LONG A (ay,ai,a_e)

During the introduction of phonics I always ask my students to come up with any words that they think might contain the phonic being studied and as a result of this brainstorming  we come up to a big list of words and they feel very excited up to the moment when I tell them it's time to copy the list of words in their notebooks:)
However,eventually I concentrate on the most important and frequently used words and include them in my worksheets and handouts.
In the worksheet below I came up to 6 words with each set of phonics representing Long A but still left some more space for some more words.
It includes a simple matching exercise,matching the pictures with their correct names.

You can download the PDF file below

Check out my Long A Phonics Wheel worksheet here

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Ed To said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! Your site is amazing! I´m Eduardo from Mexico. I´m a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, we teach 3 hours a week on 1.5 hrs. sessions. And I have a problem of having very accomplished students, and very new ones. So I´ve been king of desperate about what to do. But your blog has given me an idea of doing "extra projects" to the fast ones so they keep busy while the others finish. I do have to ask you, how long have you been doing all this material? It is so right and fun I can´t wait for my students to enjoy it! I will develop material because I need extra practice of the specific vocabulary and forms, but yours is definitely inspirational. Cheers! Eduardo

Noha tawfeek said... Best Blogger Tips


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