Back to School Goals (linky party)

Hello there,
I'm ashamed to confess that for the first time in the past 5 years I've been feeling unenthusiastic and a lack of motivation and I just couldn't blog or post anything for almost 3 months just because I didn't feel I wanted or I was enjoying it.I kept reading my favorite bloggers but decided to take some time back from blogging and rid my mind of school.I took up exercising and going to the gym and what's important eating healthily and I intend to keep it up also during the school months.

Finally I realised that unless I change the way I look at some difficulties and problems I will be indulged in negative thoughts and they just won't end so I made up my mind to get back to work and just keep myself busy and positive.

The first thing I will do is to keep up my poor abandoned blog and join the Back to School linky hosted by Jess from 

I {Heart} Recess

Thank you Jess for making me start thinking about school and set my goals for the coming year.

Personal Goal: I can count on my fingers how many times I took my lunches or snacks from home to school.All my life I used to skip my breakfast thinking that it helps you eat less:)Ignorant me!So this year I'm planning to have my breakfast at home and always take a healthy snack to school.

Organization Goal: I'm going to color code my classes as I teach First and Second Grades.All my files and binders will be color coded to avoid the endless papers being mixed up.This summer it took me a week to organize all my teaching resources and papers.I just need some cute organizers to put them inside.

Planning Goal: This is something really challenging as I always frustrate the administration stuff with last minute handouts and printables.This year I will do my best to have all the handouts prepared and copied and ready at the beginning of each month.

Professional Goal: It's 3 years I've been planning of making a fun Summer Homework Book for my students based on the material we learned together throughout the year and I just keep postponing it.I would also like to attend more seminars and workshops as they are really motivational and boost your energy and confidence as a teacher.

Student Goal: This year I would try to give some more  extra time and help to my struggling students and I'm planning to prepare some special worksheets for them.

Motto: This is my unchangeable motto in teaching.

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