As a part of FLOWERS project that I posted previously,I taught my third graders 2 songs about flowers sung to the tunes of famous nursery rhymes:Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star and London Bridge is Falling Down respectively.

The lyrics of the first song I found on the net,the second one was written by our English Department coordinator.

Here is the printable of the songs.

And here is a video of my students performing the songs.
This video was taken on Halloween so my students look super cute,don't they?Later I taught them the gestures that go with the song but I wanted to post this video with their Halloween costumes:)


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I just found a crossword puzzle that I had made last year using and decided to turn it into a worksheet.

It  includes a set of 12 opposite words.


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SUMMER VOCABULARY (matching exercise)

The End of Year may be extra challenging 
for most of us teachers.

 Students become restless and sometimes get out of control,thinking only about the coming vacations.That's why I think it's a must to get equipped with a couple of extra fun activities,worksheets and ideas to keep them engaged and on the right track. 

 Why not start with introducing the Summer Vocabulary that can prepare them with the basic words needed for the Summer Writing.
SUMMER (matching exercise)
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SUMMER (poem)

With SUMMER around the corner I just can't help not thinking of the relaxing summer vacations.
This is the poem which I am definitely going to use on the last days of school.
The last 2 weeks are Final Exam weeks but when the students are done with their exams you have to fill their time with something fun instead of just having them draw or color.

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Once the students have learned the numbers and can count,I introduce the question pattern HOW MANY...? and the concept of the Singular and Plural with the sentence patterns IT IS A... and THEY ARE... I don't teach them the terms Singular and Plural yet (they should first be taught that in their mother tongue) but I just teach them that we use NO S with the number 1 and YES S with all the other numbers. 

 And this is the worksheet that I use as a written practice.

Numbers+How many+Singular/Plural Sentences

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Digraphs (e.g. sh-ch-th) are a combination of two or more letters that make a single sound.Teaching digraphs is a great tool for helping students read fluently without wasting time at recognizing the letter combination.

My students' first foreign language is French so I always have a hard time especially teaching them the difference between CH and SH.
Every time we encounter a word including CH or SH I direct their attention to the difference between French and English.
This is why I immediately went down to creating Digraph Wheels as soon as I stumbled upon the flashcards posted at

After the visual and oral introduction of the phonics you can give the students the worksheets below for a written practice and consolidation.

PHONICS CH-SH-TH (worksheet) PHONICS CH-SH-TH (practice exercises)
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I made a set of Mother's Day foldables with a poem that can be used as cards on Mother's day.
I was inspired by Loreen Leedy's card

Maria at is hosting
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for more Mother's Day ideas.

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Jenn at is hosting a fun LINKY PARTY asking us the teachers to invent something FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL that would help our fellow colleagues everywhere.I would recommend you to head over to her blog to check all the creative ideas suggested by teachers.

                                   Here's what I came up to

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FOOD+I LIKE/I DON'T LIKE (worksheet)

FOOD (Match and Write Sentences)
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