If you read my post about my 10 Summer Resolutions you might know that I was planning and dreaming to travel to Spain.So here I am with the visa and the ticket in my hands and can't believe I am finally going to make it... 
I am fully determined to make the most out of my stay in Barcelona and not to miss anything that's why the first thing that I did was to make this printable to make me more organized and make notes of everything before ,during and after my trip.

Have a look at the first page

Download the printable below
MY TRAVEL Printable
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GRADUATION (printable)

I kept preparing for my 2,5 year-old son's Nursery Graduation for 2 months when the last day he got sick and was not allowed to attend the ceremony!
Thanks God he's fine now so I thought I could share the printables I made for him in case someone needed them.I am ready to turn them into Kindergarten Graduation if anyone's interested.

And below is the photo of the Graduation Invitation Card and the Graduation Hat sent home from the nursery!

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MY AWARDING SYSTEM (guest blogging)

Guess What?
I did it!
I did it for the First Time!
I am officially the Featured Guest Blogger over at

Kindergarten Lifestyle

Head over to Kindergarten Lifestyle where I share with my  Awarding System in all details.
It consists of

1-List of Students- 
It was used to keep track of my students' progress as well as record any behaviour problems.Every time a student misbehaved or didn't follow the rules he would get a warning and I would put a point on my list.3 warnings would lead him to do extra work or something by teacher's choice.
This list helped me a lot also for the report cards as I had to fill in around 300 report cards and I just needed some information about the students in hand.

List Template

2-Daily Awards-
I made Daily Awards for each month which students could earn at the end of the day for showing good discipline,participation,reading and handwriting.First I declared the names of the students and what they were awarded for and made notes on my list. Next day at the beginning of the lesson I distributed the awards and the students could color them in their free time or at home.

3-Star of the Month Award-
At the end of the month I looked at my list and counted the awards of each student and wrote them down. The student with the most number of awards earned was chosen the Star of the Month.
The Star of the Month was given The Star of the Month printable to be filled in at home.Then it was brought to school and was displayed throughout all the month.My third graders also got ALL ABOUT ME mini book as a small gift.
STAR OF THE MONTH 1 (poster)

STAR OF THE MONTH (freebie booklet)
  4-Academic Excellence Awards- 
Besides those awards my students could also get appreciated for showing excellence in their tests/exams and oral recitations.And these awards would also decorate the classroom.  

5-End of Year Awards- 
are given officially by the principal of the school and I used to have a hard time choosing the students who would get these awards as we are limited to 2 students per class.So this year I didn't have any problem selecting the students .I just had a look at my lists and  chose the student with the most daily and academic excellence awards.

Download my END OF YEAR awards here and here

Thank you to Jeannie for this great opportunity.

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1o things I Saw On Pinterest (Linky Party)

I am 100% a PINTEREST girl,everything should be visually pleasng to the eye  even if there's a mess inside the drawers:)
As the summer vacations are around the corner, it's high time to highlight my teaching related top 10 pins that I am really determined to try and create during the summer vacations.
Amer from Adventures of a Third  Grade Teacher is hosting a pinterest inspired linky party so I am joining in.

1-Dry Erase Boards

2-Teaching Adjectives and Character Traits ideas.

3-DIY stamps

4-Question Words and Exclamation Words posters 
5- Teaching Emotions Idea + a song 
6-DIY grade button display 
7-Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea with a cute poem(would love to receive and give) 


8- End of Year Student Gift Idea 
9-First Day Photos 
10-Father's Day frame
I am also joining

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Word Families are a group of words having the same ending letter pattern. They have a stable pronunciation and help students build large reading vocabularies, become better,more fluent and quicker readers and improve their spelling.
Here's the second set of Word Families I have made containing -all,-op,-ot.

Find Part 1 here .

Download the PDF file with the key belowWord Families -All, -Op, -Ot

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I just made another step towards being an Organized Blogger. 

You might not know that I am the type of a blogger that constantly checks the stats with all the details,so to cut this down a little I decided to make a MONTHLY BLOGGING STATS printable to focus on my monthly achievements and keep track of them. 

Of course, I am still going to check my stats but just briefly:)

Download the PDF files below

Monthly Blogging Printable Monthly Blogging Stats Printable

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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Digraphs (e.g. sh-ch-th-wh-ph) are a combination of two or more letters that make a single sound.Teaching digraphs is a great tool for helping students read fluently without wasting time at recognizing the letter combination.

This is the second part of digraph worksheets that I am planning to use next year(find Part 1 here).

Currently I am having a hard time especially with wh questions as my students would always omit h even when they are copying so I am sure that this is going to be a lot of help for them.

First, the dagraphs are introduced and practised orally with the help of the above posters, then the students are given the worksheets below for further written practice and consolidation.

Digraphs WH, PH (Worksheet) Digraphs WH,PH (Practice Exercises)
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If you read  my ABOUT ME page,you might know that I am obsessed with F.O.N.T.S.
I love creating cute printables using cute graphics and fonts (e.g. MY FAVOURITE QUOTES).It might take me 10 minutes to create a worksheet but half an hour to choose the font out of the tons of fonts I have:)

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits is hosting a Linky Party

My Favourite Fonts are numerous so at this post I will only focus on the ones I've been currently using in my blog and on my worksheets

1. Carribean's Treasure- I used this on my Blog Button

2. Baroque Script - I always use it as my signature on my handouts

3. Respective - I used it as my blog's Signature

4. Escolar2, Cursif, Lilly I use these to make my students practice good handwriting

5. My Font isnt funky enough
Sue Ellen Francisco
Doctor Soos Bold
Designer Notes
are my current favourite handout fonts.

6. Sail and Pacifico
are ideal for awards

But ... my current most favourite one is

It's so recent that I didn't manage to make any worksheet or printable using it:)


Thanks to some of the bloggers I have recently discovered 
which will from now and on help me save time when trying to choose the font.
Just type your word or the sentence and get a visual display with all the fonts 
available in your computer.
Have a look at mine here

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I found this cute END OF YEAR poem posted by Debbie Clement from Rainbows Within Reach and immediately turned it into an END OF YEAR handout for my students.

Download the PDF file below

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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