Top 10 Reasons I loved 2012

Last Year on New Year's Eve I posted a printable about The Top 10 Reasons I loved 2011 and shared with my personal 10 reasons.
Now it's high time to focus on 2012 and  take the top 10 positive reasons and memories that are worth to take to 2013.

If you want to download the printable go here.
Wishing you a year of
 unlimited reasons to smile!

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12 in '12 (Linky Party)

Hadar from Miss Kindergarten and Kristen from
A Teeny Tiny Teacher are throwing a second annual 
Linky Party.

All you have to do is think back at your favorites in 2012, add a few pictures and create a blog post sharing your favorite 12 things in 2012.What a fun way to remember the year,right? 

My 12 in '12

12. Favorite movie you watched:

''Skyfall'' was the first James Bond movie I ever watched and just loved it.
I loved the actor and loved the soundtrack too. It made me watch the previous 007 Agent film, "Casino Royale", too.

11. Favorite TV series:

I prefer more TV shows, and this year I discovered "The Voice" and just enjoy watching "The Voice" of different countries.
10. Favorite restaurant:
I don't go out much and don't have a favourite restaurant.
 I have a sweet tooth so I always prefer going to Cinnabon,Yogorino or Starbucks.

9. Favorite new thing you tried:

I started creating some simple clipart playing with the shapes.
I shared them on my Facebook fan page.


8. Favorite gift you got:

Thanks to my husband and God I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for the first time.

It was the gift I had been dreaming of for 10 years.

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

Lots of them.Everything I pin is because I just love it.
Just have a look at my Pinterest Boards

6. Favorite blog post:

Really hard to choose but I loved my
Word Families wheels

 and My Seasonal Resolutions

5. Best accomplishment:

My Facebook Fan page and its followers.

4. Favorite picture:

I am mastering photography so have had a lot of cute photos recently.But I will choose the best family pic we've had since the birth of our son:)

3. Favorite memory:

 I don't wanna make you bored but IT IS my trip to Barcelona

2. Goal for 2013:

Try to accomplish some of my resolutions and keep doing what I love to do.

1. One Little Word:

Choose one word that you will focus on in 2013.
My word is "patience". I do need it both as a mother and as a teacher!

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Here's a cute poem about Santa to teach to elementary students at Christmastime.The images of the second and the third variants are from

I am linking up with
Freebie Fridays

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